Enjoying Fruits and Vegetables, Should Peel In The First Skin?

Routine habits of enjoying fruits and vegetables every day to be one important factor to support health. However, sometimes the question arises about how best to enjoy it. Does it have to peel the skin first or be enjoyed with the skin, which one is the best? As a matter of consideration, let’s look at the explanation of the advantages as well as the negative impacts that may arise from the consumption of fruit and vegetables and the following skins!

What are the Advantages of Enjoying Fruits and Vegetables With Their Skin?

Several types of fruit and vegetables that can reasonably be enjoyed with the skin like apples, pears, grapes, eggplants, carrots, potatoes or squash can provide vitamins and minerals are much higher when consumed with the skin.

For example on apples and potatoes. Apples and their skins provide 332% vitamin K, 142% vitamin A, 115% vitamin C, 20% calcium and 19% higher potassium than apples that have been peeled.

Likewise with potatoes. Boiled potatoes and their skins provide 175% vitamin C, 115% potassium, 111% folate and 110% magnesium and phosphorus that are bigger than boiled potatoes that have been peeled. In addition, up to 31% of the total amount of fiber in vegetables can be found on the skin. Even reportedly on the skin of the fruit contained antioxidant compounds that are 300 times higher than in the fruit itself. Interesting is not it?

Are there Negative Impacts Due to Fruit and Vegetable Skin Consumption?

Basically, the consumption of fruit and vegetable skin does not have a negative impact on the body. On the contrary, the skin of fruits and vegetables provide a variety of nutrients that are so great for the body. But as we know, farmers generally use pesticides on horticultural products they plant. With the aim of reducing damage and increasing yields.

Not to mention if the fruit and vegetables consumed is the result of imports. The reason, imported fruits and vegetables are suspected to contain various residues or harmful chemicals such as formalin and dye. The goal is none other than to maintain durability. Unfortunately, if these substances continue to be consumed in the long run it can cause harmful effects, such as poisoning on reproductive organs, genetic mutations to cancer.

When entering the body of pregnant or lactating mothers, then high risk to threaten the mother’s health, especially on the baby. Washing can indeed get rid of pesticide residue attached to the skin surface of the fruit. However, based on the latest research results, peeling the skin of fruits or vegetables is the best way to get rid of pesticides and other residues.

Then Which is the Best Way?

Fruit skins also have many nutrients including high fiber which is good for the health of the digestive system and antioxidant compounds that are able to counteract the effects of free radicals. So enjoy the fruits and vegetables and the skin becomes the best way to reap maximum results from various nutritional content in it. With note, choose non-organic fruits and vegetables pesticides.

Characteristic appearance of fruits or vegetables look imperfect, often there are holes caterpillar bites and quickly rot. Suspicious if it looks so shiny, looks toned and fresh even though it’s been long in store. Do not forget to wash fruits and vegetables that want to consume under running water before enjoying it directly. For certain vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli, preferably soaked for 5 minutes with salt solution. Note also how to cultivate it, especially for vegetables.

The best way to process vegetables by steaming them for a while. The second best way is to bake with aluminum foil or banana leaf. If you really want to boil it, then do not be too long. Then cut vegetables after boiled in order to minimize the wastage of vitamins with boiled water. Still hesitant to enjoy the fruits and vegetables and their skins? So do not hesitate to peel the skin when it feels safer.

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