How To Quickly Recover Energy After Sickness

Human body cells get their energy from ATP (adenosine triphosphate). When sick, the body uses this high-energy molecule to ward off virus or bacteria-causing attacks. This obviously makes the body so lose a lot of energy so no wonder if we tend to weaken when sick. Although it takes time, fortunately the recovery of energy after illness can be done in several ways.

Here’s how to quickly recover energy when sick:

1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration causes the body easily tired. Therefore, how to recover energy after the first illness is to drink plenty of water. Perform little by little but routine throughout the day. Avoid drinking water in large quantities at once because the body will not be able to absorb everything at the same time.

2. Napping

It is natural to have more rest when the body is less fit. Therefore if it is tired, nap only. Attach the alarm so it goes 40 minutes later. Sleeping briefly can increase alertness and refresh body and soul. Avoid sleeping longer than 40 minutes because when it entered the phase of deeper sleep, you will be difficult to wake up and even feel nervous. The body feels weaker.

3. Reduce fat

After illness, you should reduce or fast eating foods rich in fat, fried foods, or dairy products. High-fat foods can trigger the digestive hormone that causes decreased brain activity. Also avoid sources of foods containing empty calories, which are usually found in junk food and soda.

4. Consumption of healthy foods

Besides avoiding unhealthy foods, you are required to eat healthy foods. Healthy foods that speed recovery between fiber-rich (whole grains), lean protein, fruit, and vegetables. Good food sources can provide nutrients that energize or power the body. Fruits and vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for example, can help remove free radicals from the blood. The same is true for probiotics.

The University of Michigan Health System reports that probiotics can help strengthen the immune system and make the digestive process run smoothly. Some yogurt and cheeses contain natural probiotics, and foods such as apples, nuts, and berries can increase probiotic levels because they contain prebiotics (food sources for probiotics). And about caffeine, although this content can increase energy, but also can disrupt sleepiness. So if you want to consume, limit until 3 pm.

5. Sport

This way is difficult to do when the body does not have energy, so start and do slowly. Just like some previous points, exercise can also improve the energy and quality of sleep at night. The results showed that moderate activity has a positive impact on the immune system because it can increase temporary production and efficient movement of cells that fend off bacteria and viruses. Another case with extreme sports performed for more than 90 minutes, this can actually lower the body’s immune during the next 72 hours so as to make the body vulnerable to pain again. About when you can start exercising after illness, then the benchmark is on the symptoms, whether ‘above the neck’ or below.

If the symptoms above the neck like a runny nose or cough, it’s okay to exercise moderately. But if symptoms occur under the neck, such as respiratory distress due to flu, diarrhea, or vomiting, then wait until all these symptoms subside. Examples of exercise that can be done after the illness are: Healthy road – to speed up recovery after pain, walk as far as you can, even if it just goes to the front porch. As the days go by, increase their intensity. If you used to run, then do not do too hard or gradually because it can reduce the number of white blood cells and increase the production of stress hormones that even suppress the body’s immune system.

Yoga – Some simple pose in this sport is able to accelerate blood circulation, while meditation techniques can help you relieve stress. Whatever type of exercise is chosen, remember to always drink plenty of water before and during exercise. That way, the body will not get dehydrated. It does not matter if you have frequent breaks to rest, and do not hesitate to end training sessions when symptoms of fatigue such as dizzy or tired.

6. Sleep enough

Although you have a nap, you are still recommended to rest 7-8 hours every night. Avoid sleeping too late for the body to get into the deep sleep stage, the phase where sleep is restorative (restoring energy and repairing tissues and cells).

7. Avoid stress

Stress affects sick people in many ways, one of which is weaken the immune system. Therefore, if you want to quickly recover, avoid stress with relaxation techniques, yoga, doing a favorite hobby, etc..

8. Clean yourself

If possible, take a shower, brush your teeth, and replace the pajamas you’ve been wearing for the past few days. Doing this can trick your mind into believing you’re healed. That way, energy levels increase.

9. Consider this

Make that often sickly, try to observe lifestyle. Often changing lifestyles can keep the body away from disease. For example, quitting smoking or drinking excessive alcohol as both can increase the risk of pain and hinder the healing process. Well that’s a few ways to recover energy after a pain that can be tried. Do it vigorously and do not forget to be accompanied by prayer.

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