Hello! I am a doctor who happens to have a hobby blogging. I want what I have that can give the widest benefit for many people, then this drew-myers.info site was born. Drew-myers.info is a site that contains information about health and medicine with a topic of discussion not far from information about disease, medication, health tips, and so forth.

Each content has been reviewed medically by our team of doctors, in order to provide reliable information on the basis of medical scholarship. In addition, at the end of each article I also provide a consultation column that can be used as a means to consult, you can easily Consult health issues that fit the topic of the article and as much as possible we will answer.

However, for those who need an immediate answer (because of emergency) do not use this facility, but go directly to health care facilities. Hopefully what I do can benefit Indonesian beloved people to better understand and understand health and medical issues for a healthier and happier life. Criticism and constructive suggestions are very much expected. Contact me at Contact Us.